Reduce time wasted on

transcription, toggling, and errors

with PeriCALM Data Export

PeriCALM CheckList export feature

PeriGen offers an innovative data integration feature with PeriCALM® Patterns™ and PeriCALM® CheckList™: A data export feature designed to reduce time spent on transcribing EFM data and toggling between systems to capture and post it.

How PeriCALM Data Export Works

Patterns and CheckList data export allows PeriCALM users to select 15- or 30-minute EFM summary information for posting into an annotation and, where enabled, designated EHR fields in real-time with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The new features adds an icon that activates selection of a specific section of tracing and generates an Export Dialog. The dialog automatically populates with a summary of FHR and uterine activity measurements for the specified time range, as calculated by PeriCALM Patterns or CheckList.

The feature also allows the user to modify each data point and add comments. Once reviewed and approved by the user, the data Export button sends the data to the tracing as an annotation. If the associated EHR is configured to accept this data, the same click can send the specified 5- or 30 minute to the EHR with a recorded time, date, and user stamp.  In addition, the tracings timeline is marked for ease of identifying segments yet to be exported.

The feature is designed to facilitate timely, efficient documentation by saving labor & delivery clinicians time currently wasted on transcription, toggling between screens and systems, and cumbersome calculations better handled by computer.

In early tests of the new feature, one user found she saved 5 minutes an hour while charting. PeriGen will be conducting research to measure time-savings before and after the new data export feature is introduced at client hospitals.

Email, contact your Client Executive or complete the form below to participate in these studies or see a demonstration of the new data export feature