PeriCALM Curve provides a visualization of labor progress
Simplifying the assessment of
labor progress

PeriCALM® Curve™, a module of the PeriCALM solution, provides clinicians with a convenient and objective evaluation of progress in labor (dilation and station). A graph is automatically displayed with each pelvic exam.  Dilation is compared to the expected range of dilation from a normal reference population.  The labor progress comparison is presented graphically and numerically via percentiles to provide a precise quantitative and personalized assessment of dilation.  At each examination the comparison is updated to adapt to current labor conditions.

System advantages:

  •  Consistent visualization and measurement of labor progress
  • Tracks the effect of interventions in real-time, at-a-glance
  • Automatic adjustments for nulliparity/multiparity status


  • Consolidated view of labor progress graphs and a tabular summary of exam data
  • Automatic calculation of contraction frequency at the time of each exam
  • Adaptive reference band shows expected dilation
  • Reference band limits can be selected by the hospital facility
  • Reference limits for labor after a previous cesarean can be customized

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