PeriCALM CheckList lets labor and delivery professionals spend more time on care, and less on paperworkLess Hassle, More Care with
PeriCALM® CheckList™

At last, an electronic labor checklist solution that frees your team to spend more time on care and less on paperwork

Labor checklists are effective and widely-used to help manage care, including induction of labor. In fact, published research on one of the most well-known, the HCA oxytocin checklist, showed that compliance was associated with reduced rates of NICU admissions and fewer cesarean births*.

PeriCALM CheckList makes managing this type of labor checklist easier and more consistent by continuously searching for specific FHR and contraction parameters and then using color-coded displays to inform clinicians when a parameter match is found.

Adapts to your protocols & co-exists with your EFM

PeriCALM CheckList can be adapted to your protocol using different combinations of parameters.

Longer Viewing Screens

PeriCALM CheckList allows clinicians the flexibility to use a single screen to see:

  • Any 30 minutes of tracing
  • Last 4 hours of tracing
  • 4 hours of color-coded CheckList trends

PeriCALM CheckList's Central Viewing Panel offers color coding for easier, more consistent checklist management PeriCALM CheckList’s Central View

PeriCALM CheckList makes checklist compliance easier and more reliable

Toolbar icon makes status visible quickly and easily at the bedside

One of the most useful decision-support features provided by PeriCALM CheckList is the toolbar icon. This icon is always present on the Windows taskbar.

It can be clicked at anytime to quickly:

  • View current measurements
  • Access the entire tracing
  • Access the dynamic Central View of all patients

The color of the icon serves as an alert at-a-glance. Its color indicates the last known CheckList status. A Notification Dialog opens automatically when the status is positive and highlights key parameters.

PeriCALM CheckList offers clinicians a quick way to see the status of checklist parameters

Export feature means
less toggling, transcription, errors

  • Export feature allows:
    • Creation of structured notes automatically populated by 15- or 30- minutes of Patterns EFM measurements for posting as an annotation and, where enabled, to the EHR.
    • Clinical review, adjustment & approval of export data prior to posting.
    • Easy retrospective documentation using timeline that identifies segments already documented.
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PeriCALM CheckList export featureNext Steps

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*Clark DL, Meyers JA, Frye DK, Garthwaite T, Lee AJ, Perlin JB. Recognition and response to electronic fetal heart rate patterns: impact on newborn outcomes and primary cesarean delivery rate in women undergoing induction of labor. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2015 Apr,212(4):494.e1-6