24 Jun

AWHONN Presentation: A New Way to Handle Checklists

Inventor of PeriGen advanced fetal monitoringDuring a very popular private reception at this year’s AWHONN Convention, Emily Hamilton, MDCM, as experienced obstetrician and perinatal thought-leader, outlined research on the impact of checklists in healthcare, the challenges of using them in a labor & delivery environment, and her technology solution for making them easier to use and more consistent.  Here’s a summary of her presentation.

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*Clark SL, Meyers JA, Frye DK, et al. Recognition and response to electronic fetal heart rate patterns: impact on newborn outcomes and primary cesarean delivery rate in women undergoing induction of labor. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2015;212:494.e1-6.

09 Jun

Checklists simplified

PeriGen simplifies the use of obstetric checklists with PeriCALM CheckList solution

ChSolving the checklist challengeecklists are an integral part of everyday life for many of us. Whether you’re an airline pilot getting ready for an international flight or a vacationer packing suitcases to take that flight, checklists help ensure all the proper processes have been followed and all the details covered.

Checklists also play a central role in obstetrical patient safety. For example, nurses often use a checklist to help track critical data. Usually this means rolling out long tracings to manually count contractions and estimate accelerations, decelerations and other important statistics.

Of course, time spent counting and calculating is time not spent on caring for mothers and babies. That’s one of the reasons PeriGen is introducing its new PeriCALM® CheckList™ solution at the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) 2015 Annual Convention this month. It simplifies the process by automatically counting and summarizing specific fetal heart rate patterns and other factors that are routinely tracked and displays color-coded trends as well as a live status indicator on the toolbar.

The displays provide quick visual cues when checklist criteria are present and persistent, helping nurses know when to take quick action.  The cues can be further customized to the preferences and practices specific to the hospital or health system. It’s a great way to maximize the value and effectiveness of a checklist program.

Is your organization using checklists for labor and delivery? If so, have they been easy to use, and are they delivering the expected benefits? If you haven’t been using them, any plans to start?

28 Apr

Power User Tips & Tricks

PeriCALM adds the power of analytics to provide better decision-supportPeriCALM customers can now access useful tips & tricks used by advanced “super users” to get the most out of their system.  The weekly tips lead up to a short webinar available to customers only titled “PeriCALM Power User Tips & Tricks.”  The free webinar is scheduled for May 13th, noon-12:30 ET, and will feature Joanne Fullerton, one of PeriGen’s Clincial Consultants.

This week’s tip:

Using the wild card character * lets you search partial names in Admit Search and the Previous Encounters patient drop-down list.

Register below:

14 Apr

Oxytocin Misuse

PeriGen's New Oxytocin Checklist Add-On for PeriCALM PatternsExcessive use of contraction-stimulating drugs has been found to be the underlying problem in 45% of fetal brain injuries.  That’s why oxytocin checklists were developed.  These powerful safety tools, however, are only used 40% of the time.

Dr. Emily Hamilton, who leads PeriGen’s Clinical Research team, has developed a break-through tool to help make oxytocin protocol compliance easier, more integrated with labor and delivery workflows, and more reliabl.

“How to Add an Oxytocin Checklist to Your EFM System,” as webinar featuring Dr. Hamilton, will review the relevant research and include a demonstration of the new Oxytocin Checklist Add-On. Space is filling fast.  Early registration is suggested

09 Apr

Another 48,611 births powered by PeriGen

PeriGen Growthby Matthew Sappern, Chief Executive Officer

I am very happy to tell you that we’ve continued to grow by leaps and bounds so far this year.  In fact, our fiscal first quarter 2015 has set a record for new clients added.  We’ve added 21 new hospitals to the PeriGen family with the potential to positively impact 48,611 births each year.

This is truly proof that PeriCALM is a solution whose time has come.  I’ve never heard so many clinicians talk about the use of advanced decision support, acknowledge the value if applied mathematical patterns, and express so much hope for the future of obstetrics.  It’s a trend I expect will continue.

The following leading hospitals join our fast-growing PeriGen family:

  • Allegiance Health of Jackson, MS
  • AnMed Health Women’s & Children’s Hospital serving Anderson, SC
  • Baptist Health of Madisonville, KY
  • Baptist Hospital of Pensacola, FL
  • Bayhealth serving Central and Southern Delaware
  • Carroll Hospital Center of Westminister, MD
  • Centra Health of Lynchburg, VA
  • Comanche County Memorial Hospital of Illinois
  • First Health, a health system serving the Carolinas
  • Hancock Medical Center serving Bay St. Louis, MS
  • Hartford Healthcare, a health system located in Hartford, CT
  • Health Central in Ocoee, FL
  • HealthAlliance of Hudson Valley, NY
  • Iasis Healthcare Corp. in Franklin, TN
  • Lutheran Hospital of Indiana
  • Mercy Hospital of Iowa City
  • McLaren Health Care Corp of Michigan
  • Parrish Medical Center in Titusville, FL
  • Peninsula Regional Medical Center of Salisbury, MD
  • St. Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO
07 Apr

Oxytocin Checklist Updated

PeriGen is showcasing a newer, faster, more accurate means of using oxytocin checklists in a quick 20 minute webinar titled “How to Add an Oxytocin Checklist to Your EFM System.”

The free webinar will feature Dr. Emily Hamilton, PeriGen’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research.  Dr. Hamilton will summarize the results of her research into the effects of using electronic fetal monitoring systems to manage oxytocin administration and demonstrate her latest software invention — The Oxytocin Checklist Add-On for PeriCALM® Patterns.   Space for the session is limited, early registration is suggested.

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