Advanced fetal monitoring systems for today and beyond

Legacy EFM systems provide little assistance to clinicians beyond a simplistic limited time window of tracing display. Using basic gridlines on a screen, clinicians are forced to measure and record numerous parameters at frequent intervals during labor in order to make clinical management decisions.

This repetitive, wasteful process consumes valuable clinical time, results in inconsistency, and opens the way for misccommunication.

The PeriCALM Solution: The Data Needed at a Glance

PeriCALM includes three integrated obstetric monitoring modules that provide the intelligence needed to support decision making while opening the way for more time spent on what your L&D team does best — provide great patient care.

  • PeriCALM Tracings displays and stores EFM tracing.  Specialized views and navigation tools mean you can always see long-term trends a well as close-up details on any selected segment.
  • PeriCALM Patterns adds the power of pattern recognition to provide consistent tracing analysis.  Color coding draws attention to important features.
  • PeriCALM Curve analyzes labor progression using percentiles.  Objective quantitative measures help clarify team communications.
Patterns 2

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