Innovative fetal surveillance systems

PeriGen invents and develops advanced perinatal fetal monitoring solutions to augment obstetric decision-making, improve communications among clinical teams, and support data flow between healthcare IT systems.

With PeriGen, clinicians see clinically significant trends over time immediately. Our patented pattern-recognition and obstetrics technology empowers perinatal clinicians to make confident decisions about the mothers and babies in their care.

PeriGen in the Media

Read the’s interview with PeriGen CEO, Matt Sappern

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PeriGen systems integrate with more enterprise and ancillary systems than any perinatal company, and are engineered to be flexible in their technical, implementation, and interface requirements.

  • Will integrate with all enterprise EMR systems.
  • Will integrate with all Interface Engines.

Clinical Decision Support

PeriGen’s decision support technologies proactively alert clinicians to potential problems, and provide protocols for the care management of those problems, helping to make labor and delivery safer.   With Visual Cueing alerts, clinically significant trends are identified, enabling clinicians to see and quantify critical information accurately.

  • Reducing preventable errors of cognition and communication.
  • Helping clinicians recognize and respond to abnormal fetal heart rate tracings, and the changing condition of the patient in real time.
  • Providing evidence-based practice protocols for all care providers.

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