The Seven Key Benefits of


  1. PeriCALM delivers innovative, affordable and intuitive perinatal decision-support.
  2. PeriCALM systems are designed by obstetric clinicians to handle time-consuming number-crunching and analysis to enable labor and delivery teams to do what they do best — care for moms and babies.
  3. PeriCALM provides you with real-time data at-a-glance and at-bedside.
  4. PeriCALM adapts fully to your workflow.
  5. PeriCALM integrates with your hospital system, sharing data, including annotations in real-time.
  6. PeriCALM implementations include on-site training, integration support and 24/7 responsive trouble-shooting.
  7. PeriCALM system upgrades are included in your annual maintenance.

Decision Support Technologies

PeriGen’s perinatal products use patented decision-support technologies that provide clinicians with objective, real-time analysis of a patient’s changing condition throughout the full continuum of OB care.  Not only are clinically significant trends identified, but protocols and best practices for clinical management of these issues is also automatically recommended.  No other perinatal company offers products built on a stronger platform of decision support than PeriGen.