Advanced Fetal Monitoring Systems

that Keep You Ahead of the Curve

PeriCALM modules are installed in over 150 hospitals in North America.  Clients range in size from large health systems with large numbers of sites and thousands of births each year to small individual hospitals with several hundred births a year. PeriGen systems support over 16,000 clinicians, and 275,000 births a year. Here’s why.

PeriCALM handles routine, repetitive number-crunching and analysis, leaving more time for great patient care

Developed by a team of experienced obstetric clinicians, the PeriCALM solution is let computers do what computers do best — routine calculations and sometimes complex analysis — to that clinicians can do what they do best — provide great patient care. With PeriCALM, you follow your existing workflow, with the addition of being able to annotate directly on the strip and view any portion of the strip instantly (without the need for accessing archival data). The result is better labor & delivery unit productivity and a higher level of patient safety. Get the details on how…

PeriCALM offers additional pattern recognition features to highlight potentially important labor events

One of the most popular and powerful modules offered within the PeriCALM solution is PeriCALM Patterns. This patented software, invented by Emily Hamilton, MDCM, applies pattern recognition to strip data so that potentially important labor events are highlighted to support clincial decision-making. Get the details on how…

PeriCALM Curve summarizes labor progress at glance

This powerful module adds yet another layer of dynamic information to monitor labor progress in real time, integrating FHR and contraction activity data to present an interpretation of labor progress against specific thresholds to quickly pinpoint areas of potential concern. See how…

PeriCALM facilitates better clinical communications

Visible at bedside, at centralized monitoring stations, and remotely, PeriCALM offers a shared view of each delivery in progress minimizing mis-communications about what’s really happening at any point of time. Review how…

PeriCALM eliminates double data entry, integrating seamlessly with your EHR

PeriCALM’s integration with leading electronic health record systems (EHR) is some best available. Our bi-directional data feeds extend not only across PeriCALM screens, but into and out of your EHR. Even annotations done on the strip — one of the core benefits of PeriCALM Tracings — can be fed into EHR fields.

What clients and perinatal leaders

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