ClientsValued, Respected, Served

PeriGen’s innovative perinatal systems are installed in over 150 hospitals in North America.  Clients range in size from the 23-hospital Banner Health System,  ranked a Top Five US hospital system by Thomson Reuters, with over 30,000 births per year, to academic teaching institutions such as Albert Einstein Medical Center with 3,000 births per year.   PeriGen systems support over 16,000 clinicians, and 275,000 births a year.

No matter how many qualifications we could state to convince hospitals to consider purchasing a PeriGen perinatal system, arguably no one can say it better than those we support.



Here’s a sampling of what PeriGen clients and perinatal experts
have to say about us:

Clinical Decision SupportWhy It’s Critical for Hospital Obstetrics Departments

Having an expert at the bedside 24/7.
Tom Garite, MD, Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Preventing bad outcomes with clinical decision support.
Sam Smith, MD, Chair of the Department of OB/Gyn, Franklin Square Hospital, MedStar Health

As the highest risk area in the hospital, Obstetrics needs more than just a ‘vanilla’ EMR.
Arnold Cohen, MD, Chair of the Department of OB/Gyn, Albert Einstein Medical Center

Patient SafetyHow PeriGen Systems Help Clinicians Improve Care

Supporting patient safety initiatives and simulations.
Carla Provost, RNC, System Administrator LDRP Unit, Baystate Medical Center

PeriBirth improves patient outcomes—real life account.
Jean Davis, MSN, MBA, HCM, RN, WIS Clinical Informatics Specialty Director, Banner Health

PeriCALM® Tracings™Critical Decision Support for Rural Hospitals

How OB support systems help clinicians stay current and competent in a small hospital.
Pam Mork, RNC, Clinical Manager, Berlin Hospital