20 Dec

How one health system used HIT to control rate of Cesareans

Cesareans stabilized, NICU admissions and resuscitation decline after implementation of PeriCALM® Patterns™

Becker’s Hospital Review just released the results of 10-year study on the impact of process improvement and the use of PeriCALM on the rate of cesareans, NICU admissions and CPR/ventillation/intubation.

The study, authored by Sam Smith MD and Lynette Philip RN of MedStar and Adi Zmiri MD, Emily Hamilton MD CM, and Thomas Garite MD of PeriGen, looked at data for 78,459 births for Cesarean rates, NICU admissions, and the use of extraordinary fetal resuscitation procedures before and after the introduction of a management focus on care processes and staff training combined with the use of PeriCALM Patterns.

Following is a summary of the results published by Becker’s:

  • Despite an increase in factors associated with rates of cesarean sections, the rate of cesareans remained stable after the introduction of PeriCALM and advanced management strategies.
  • NICU admissions declined by more than half after PeriCALM and the process improvement steps were introduced.
  • The number of babies requiring unusual resuscitation measures in the delivery room decreased from 5.2% to 2.4%.

Click to access the Becker’s article providing full results and details

10 Mar

Ochsner Baptist Celebrates PeriCALM Launch

Ochsner Baptist celebrates launch of PeriCALM

Melanie Williams, Director of Labor & Delivery and Dr. Alfred Robichaux, Ochsner Chairman of Women’s Services are joined by their PeriGen Clinical & Technical Implementation Team during the launch of Ochsner Baptist’s new obstetric patient safety system

Led by Dr. Alfred Robichaux, Chairman of Women’s Services for Ochsner Health, the Ochsner Baptist team just went live with PeriGen’s clinical decision support system, PeriCALM.

Ochsner Baptist is a one-of-a-kind facility serving uptown New Orleans.  Their Women’s Pavilion offers expert care and advanced birthing services, including alternative birthing options such as water births, spa-like services, and state-of-the-art imaging.

The new PeriCALM clinical decision support system is designed to supply Ochsner Baptist with real-time labor analysis while integrating seamlessly with their electronic health record system, so that clinicians spend more time on patient care and less on cumbersome documentation and number-crunching.


22 Jan

Oxytocin Case Study Available

EmilyHamilton - GTWThe Journal of Healthcare Information Management has just published an article co-authored by PeriGen’s Emily Hamilton highlighting how administration of oxytocin was improved through the use of electronic fetal monitoring. Click to access


Smith S, Bunting K, Hamilton E. Using Intelligent Electronic Fetal Monitoring Software to Reduce Iatrogenic Complications of Childbirth. JHIM. 28; 4:28-33.