Healthcare IT and the Promise and Curse of Dimensionality

January 13, 2014 by Emily Hamilton, MDCM, FRCSE, FACOG, Senior Vice President of Clinical Research, PeriGen Assessing the relationship between a suspected agent and a particular disease is a fundamental part of medicine. Treating causes of disease is beneficial. When a relationship is merely one of association, accordingly there is no therapeutic potential related to Continue Reading

Software Assistants for Doctors Are Making Progress

NY Times Bits story published 2/17/2013 by Steve Lohr Doctors have long been in the high-stakes information management business. They must quickly sort through a patient’s symptoms, comments, test results, records and history to come up with a diagnosis. The physician brings to each diagnostic encounter a storehouse of knowledge and experience, all that he Continue Reading

Shoulder Dystocia: Neither Predictable nor Preventable? Not Anymore!

In the Summer, 2011 issue of MD Advisor, MD Advantage shares the results of a three-year trial of the PeriCALM® Shoulder Screen™ tool, a web-based application to identify mothers at greatest risk of shoulder dystocia. Using PeriCALM Shoulder Screen, MD Advantage’s insured physicians were able to reduce the incidence of shoulder dystocia by 50%, with Continue Reading