14 Jun

New Patterns & CheckList Data Export

Now there’s a way to reduce
transcription, toggling, errors
with PeriCALM Data Export

New PeriCALM Data Export Feature

PeriGen introduces a new data export feature for Patterns and CheckList

PeriGen introduces the latest data integration improvement to PeriCALM® Patterns™ and PeriCALM® CheckList™: A data export feature designed to reduce time spent on transcribing EFM data and toggling between systems to capture and post it.

The new feature, the result of feedback received by a large number of labor & delivery clinicians at the 2015 AWHONN Convention, as well as current customers, was launched at PeriGen’s booth at this month during the annual AWHONN Convention in Grapevine, TX.

How PeriCALM Data Export Works

Patterns and CheckList data export allows PeriCALM users to select 15- or 30-minute EFM summary information for posting into an annotation and, where enabled, designated EHR fields in real-time with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The new features adds an icon that activates selection of a specific section of tracing and generates an Export Dialog.  The dialog automatically populates with a summary of FHR and uterine activity measurements for the specificed time range, as calculated by PeriCALM Patterns or CheckList.

This EFM data points are customizable and can include baseline, variability, the number and types of decels, etc.  The feature also allows the user to modify each data point and add comments.  Once reviewed and approved by the user, the data Export button sends the data to the tracing as an annotation.  If the associated EHR is configured to accept this data, the same click can send it to the EHR with a time, date, and user stamp.

The feature is designed to provide real-time data while saving labor & delivery clinicians time that’s currently wasted on transcription, toggling between screens and systems, and cumbersome calculations better handled by computer.

In early tests of the new feature, one user found she saved 5 minutes an hour while charting.  PeriGen will be conducting research to measure time-savings before and after the new data export feature is introduced at client hospitals.

Email perigen@perigen.com or contact your Client Executive to participate in these studies or see a demonstration of the new data export feature.

13 Jun

Full House for PeriGen Reception @ AWHONN

Short Stories of OB Malpractice

Full House for

“Short Stories of OB Malpractice &

How They Might

Have Been Avoided

Stephen Brzezinski, a leading OB malpractice defense attorney from Kitch, Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook, and Emily Hamilton, PeriGen Senior Vice President of Clinical Research presented to a packed house of labor & delivery directors, clinicians, educators, and risk managers last night at the AWHONN Convention in Grapevine, Texas.

The invitation-only presentation focused on factors leading to OB malpractice complaints as well as recent malpractice actions involving labor & delivery clinicians and offered practice strategies and discussion on how they might have been avoided.

Presentation slides are now available here

PeriGen is also exhibiting at the AWHONN Convention (Booth 615), where the event team will be offering demonstrations of the latest features of the PeriCALM obstetric decision support system, an electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) system that provides “safety net” benefits for labor & delivery clinical teams.

PeriGen is dedicated to helping prevent OB malpractice by providing enriched data that support clinical decisions at the bedside, at the nurses station and to providers remotely.

17 May

How US L&D Nurses fixed a problem

A story of cutting double chartingThis is a story about how labor & delivery nurses from across the United States fixed a problem.  And it’s not a fairy tale.  It all started at last year’s AWHONN National Convention when PeriGen asked those who stopped by the booth one simple question:

What’s your biggest EFM challenge?

The overwhelming answer:  Double documentation.  The waste.  The toggling between EFM and EHR. The resulting headaches, the inaccuracies, and the overtime.

We came back from the convention and got to work.  This year, again at the AWHONN National Convention at Booth 615, we’ll showcase our answer.  A way to cut double charting and way to help OB nurses spend more time on what matters most to them.

We’re even giving those who visit Booth 615 a chance to take home the gift of time, right away in the form of PeriGen’s “Gift of Time” watches.  Stop by and see the answer to your double charting challenges — and feel free to give us the next challenge on your list.

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18 Feb

AWHONN CA Section Conference

What you need to know…

The average temperature in San Diego is a bit cooler this time of year, usually in the 50’s, so you’ll be less tempted by the fun stuff to do while you’re attending this year’s California AWHONN Section Conference.  Nevertheless, there’s plenty of temptation.  Which of these would be your favorite?

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11 Sep

PeriGen @ Perinatal Leadership Conference

perintal leadershioPeriGen will be exhibiting at this year’s Perinatal Leadership Conference, November 11-14 in Dallas, TX. The conference. sponsored by Synova Associates, is a networking and learning event that focuses on the current challenges faced by obstetric nurse leaders and their practical solution.

PeriGen’s support will include a brief breakfast presentation by Emily Hamilton, PeriGen’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research, to summarize the research and methods for the successful use of labor checklists at the bedside.

Obstetric checklists have been proven to be an effective means of applying protocols to care, but complying with their use remains a challenge for labor & delivery leaders.

PeriGen will also be demonstrating and providing complimentary ROI Analysis, for their perinatal software solutions, including PeriCALM CheckList at Booth #5.

09 Jun

Checklists simplified

PeriGen simplifies the use of obstetric checklists with PeriCALM CheckList solution

ChSolving the checklist challengeecklists are an integral part of everyday life for many of us. Whether you’re an airline pilot getting ready for an international flight or a vacationer packing suitcases to take that flight, checklists help ensure all the proper processes have been followed and all the details covered.

Checklists also play a central role in obstetrical patient safety. For example, nurses often use a checklist to help track critical data. Usually this means rolling out long tracings to manually count contractions and estimate accelerations, decelerations and other important statistics.

Of course, time spent counting and calculating is time not spent on caring for mothers and babies. That’s one of the reasons PeriGen is introducing its new PeriCALM® CheckList™ solution at the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) 2015 Annual Convention this month. It simplifies the process by automatically counting and summarizing specific fetal heart rate patterns and other factors that are routinely tracked and displays color-coded trends as well as a live status indicator on the toolbar.

The displays provide quick visual cues when checklist criteria are present and persistent, helping nurses know when to take quick action.  The cues can be further customized to the preferences and practices specific to the hospital or health system. It’s a great way to maximize the value and effectiveness of a checklist program.

Is your organization using checklists for labor and delivery? If so, have they been easy to use, and are they delivering the expected benefits? If you haven’t been using them, any plans to start?

18 Feb

EFM IQ Results


Good work to those lucky obstetric professionals who have  responded to the EFM IQ test so far.  91.3% got the first EFM IQ question right.  Last week, however, it dipped to 57.8%.  This week’s question is another easy one, especially for those attending the upcoming AWHONN California and Minnesota Section Conferences.  Click to see how you stack up then visit us at the AWHONN events (we’re a sponsor) to check out how you did and get your “just rewards.”