07 Mar

Change of instructor

Free Continuing Education

Register for the last few spots for

tomorrow’s free CE webinar

There are still a couple of spots open for tomorrow’s free online continuing education session covering uterine activity management.

Unfortunately, Rebecca Cypher, MSN, PNNP, PeriGen’s Chief Nursing Officer, originally scheduled to present tomorrow’s CE webinar, will not be able to make it.  Michelle Flowers R, an AWHONN-certified continuing education instructor, will be leading the session instead supported by Dr. Emily Hamilton, PeriGen’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research.  They will be covering the nomenclature and definitions related to uterine activity, the etiology of uterine tachysystole (UT) and UT’s impact on FHR.

Registration is required.  Click here

14 Feb

First CE Webinar Scheduled

Rebecca Cypher, PeriGen Chief Nursing OfficerPeriGen Now Offering Online Continuing Education

PeriGen has provided a date for the first in a series of free online continuing education webinars.  The series, featuring Chief Nursing Officer Rebecca Cypher, MSN, PNNP, will offer educational topics related to fetal monitoring, patient safety, and multidisciplinary care in the perinatal setting. Sessions are intended to assist clinicians in translating and incorporating evidence-based information into daily clinical activities.

The first webinar will cover uterine activity and is scheduled for March 8th, noon – 1:00 PM ET.  Titled “Power & Passenger: Understanding Uterine Activity,” this session is designed to examine nomenclature and definitions associated with uterine activity, etiologic principles of uterine tachysystole and tachysystole’s impact on fetal heart rate.

Registration is now open and, since the event is free and awards continuing education hours, is expected to fill fast

08 Feb

Reserve C-Section / NICU Research

cesarean research

Pick up your copy at
AWHONN CA Convention

PeriGen is proud to be supporting this year’s AWHONN California Section Conference, scheduled for February 17th and 18th at the DoubleTree by Hilton at the Berkeley Marina. Rebecca Cypher, PeriGen’s CNO, will be launching the pre-conference with a presentation on “Advanced Monitoring Concepts for Clinical Practice” and also greeting attendees at the PeriGen table.

We’re also offering a limited number of copies of our clinical research team’s latest work, published by Becker’s Hospital Management, “HIT & Clinical Synergy: A decade of decreasing NICU admissions & stabilizing cesarean rates.” This research summary outlines how one system combined leadership commitment, process improvement strategies and advanced technology to lower NICU rates and extraordinary resuscitation and control c-section rates. The work serves as a blueprint for those systems looking to achieve similar results.

To reserve your copy, for pick up at the PeriGen exhibitor table, please complete the form below:

About the research

“HIT & Clinical Synergy: A decade of decreasing NICU admissions & stabilizing cesarean rates” is co-authored by PeriGen’s Clinical Research leader Emily Hamilton. It appeared in Becker’s Hospital Management earlier this year.

The research uses retrospective analysis of 78,000 singleton births from a health system serving Maryland. The research uses a before-and-after comparison to identify factors leading to a statistically significant reduction in three metrics: NICU admissions, the use of newborn resuscitation, and the rate of cesareans.

24 Jan

Steamboat Perinatal Conference

Inventor of PeriGen advanced fetal monitoring

Once again, PeriGen’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research, Dr. Emily Hamilton, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thomas Garite, presented at the annual Steamboat Perinatal Conference in Colorado.  Dr. Garite’s presentation titled “The New Labor Guidelines: Benefit or Harm” incited much discussion as did Dr. Hamilton’s review of the importance of precision when looking fetal heart rate deceleration area.

Dr. Hamilton’s presentation, titled “Fetal Heart Rate Deceleration Area: Size Matters,”  reviewed the literature related to both the widespread inconsistency in fetal heart rate assessments, the impact this has on outcomes, and the many challenges associated with “typing” decelerations.  Much of her paper focused on a suggested, alternative methodology using deceleration area/time.

Her presentation slides are now available by clicking here

The annual Steamboat Perinatal Conference, now in its 32nd year, addresses current and controversial topics in perinatal care.  The faculty is drawn from both active practitioners and clinical researchers.  Although, like most conferences, the event centers around scheduled lectures, the Steamboat Perinatal Conference is best known for the animated discussions among faculty and attendees that happen during and after sessions.

13 Dec

Build-a-Bike Challenge Trivia Quiz

A few of the trivia questions asked

during last week’s PeriGen team-building event

Here are a few of the questions we asked the PeriGen team as part of last week’s ‘Build-a-Bike Challenge.’  Teams that answered them correctly were awarded a point each and received a part of the bike they were building.

To see the answers, simply click on the questions. And, please, let us know how you do!

  • What is a DAS?
  • At what university was Patterns originally invented?
  • In what state is it illegal to kill mice without a hunting license?
  • Emily Hamilton's recent analysis of birth data indicates that cesarean rates did what since PeriCALM Patterns was installed at MedStar 10 years ago?
  • What is an example of a standard interface?
  • What were the wheels of the smallest adult bicycle made of?
  • Covered California, the state's health insurance program, indicates that they will remove hospitals based on what childbirth metric?
  • For WatchChild, what does BAM stand for?
  • In what city was Patterns first tested in a hospital?
  • Name the world's largest ocean.
  • What is the WatchChild database storage requirement?
  • What chess pieces can only move diagonally?
  • What WatchChild solution allows caregivers to monitor patients at any network-enabled location within the hospital (e.g., ED/ICU) and external locations such as physician offices?
  • How did the 17th president of the US, Andrew Johnson, start his career in Raleigh, NC ?
  • Which PeriGen client often provides Emily Hamilton with historic birth data (depersonalized) for clinical data analysis?
  • Name an EMR with which both WatchChild and PeriCALM can integrate?
  • According to a recent AJOG article co-authored by Emily Hamilton, when are ACOG first stage arrest criteria most applicable?
A store and forward device
McGill University
Cesarean rates stayed the same despite an increase in risk factors associated with cesareans
ADT, LAB, pharmacy, outbound vitals/annotations
Silver dollars
The annual percentage of cesarean sections
Baby and Mother
The Pacific
10MB per patient per day (uncompressed)
Mobile Fetal Monitoring
He was a tailor’s apprentice
Epic, Meditech, Allscripts, Cerner
After dilation has reached 6 CM
12 Dec

This PeriGen event starts like any other, but…

Bruno Bendavid, SVP of Product Management and Brian Bishop, Chief Product Manager update the operations team on current road map items

Bruno Bendavid, SVP of Product Management, and Brian Bishop, Chief Product Officer, hold a product roadmap briefing session

This week, the PeriGen North America team met to collaborate, map the future, and socialize in our new hometown,  Cary, NC. The event, including both PeriCALM and WatchChild team members, started as you would expect.

Denise Queffelec congratulates Allan Kyburz on his latest family addition

Denise Queffelec, SVP of Operations, congratulates Allan Kyburz, Client Executive, on his newest family addition




Lots of introductions and matching faces to the names made familiar through phone and email.  Lots of handshakes and hugs.  Lots of questions asked and answered over shared meals.

With the joining of PeriGen and WatchChild, purchased from Hill-Rom 10 weeks ago, the work to learn from each organization and meld them into a dynamic whole started from the get-go.  This week’s event focused on expanding initial learning, cross-training, and developing an improved, expanded customer support team to provide an even deeper, more convenient customer experience.

Matthew Sappern, CEO, opens up 'The PeriGen Build-a-Bike Challenge'

Matt Sappern, PeriGen’s CEO, launches the ‘Build-a-Bike Challenge’

And then the time for team building began.

Chip Long, PeriGen’s senior vice president of sales & growth, had arranged for a special surprise: PeriGen’s first ‘Build-a-Bike Challenge.’



Amidst the hard work and laughter, the team got together last Thursday afternoon to hold a trivia contest and build ten bikes for ten very special “Littles” from Cary’s Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization.

Team #2 shows off the bike they built for Big Brother, Big Sister "Little" KanYa

Team #2 shows off the bike they built for Big Brothers, Big Sisters ‘Little’ KanYa

The challenge featured teams of four-five with six rounds of pretty tough trivia questions.  Topics ranged from childbirth, technology, WatchChild, and PeriCALM to turkeys, geography, hunting licenses, and more. (Click here to take a stab at answering them yourself.)




Team #4 was one of the first to complete the bike they build for Nakayla

Team #4 was one of the first to complete the bike they build for Nakayla


Every correct answer resulted in one point for the team and the one part of their bike.  At the end of the trivia challenge, each team started to build their bike.  Although no prizes were awarded for the speed in which the bikes were built, you can guess that the rivalry continued!


PeriGen Build-a-Bike Challenge Team #9 named themselves 'The Heart Throbs'

PeriGen’s ‘Build-a-Bike Challenge’ Team #9 named themselves ‘The Heart Throbs’



First, second, and third place prizes went to the teams with the highest trivia performance scores, but the real reward came as a complete surprise to everyone when …





Kids from Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Cary NC joined PeriGen to receive bikes built during the "Build-a-Bike Challenge"

“Littles” from Cary’s Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization join PeriGen to receive their “Build-a-Bike” holiday gifts


… after building their bikes and basking in the glow of jobs well done, there came a soft knock on one of the doors and…

PeriGen was joined by “Littles” from Big Brothers, Big Sisters in Cary, NC who each received a bike built during the “Build-a-Bike Challenge.”




PeriGen was proud to support the local Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization

One of the “Littles” from the local Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization receives a bike built by PeriGen during the ‘Build-a-Bike Challenge in Cary last week



The reaction was immensely heart warming for the PeriGen teams and, we think, a special event for the kids.






"Littles" from Cary's Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization enjoyed riding their new bikes around the conference room

What a blast it was watching the “Littles” take their bikes for test drives during the ‘Build-a-Bike Challenge’ last week

01 Dec

Perinatal Leadership Forum Recap

PeriGen was incredibly honored to take part in this year’s Synova Perinatal Leadership Forum.  The four day event took place in San Antonio and  attracted 124 L&D leaders from across the US and Canada.  A total of 63 hospitals were represented, most of them Baby Friendly or On The Journey and many magnet facilities.

PeriGen’s Allan Kyburz and Darcy Dinneny spent their time attending sessions, meeting nurse leaders, and demonstrating PeriCALM obstetric analytics software. Their main focus was the new Export feature added this year to PeriCALM Patterns and PeriCALM CheckList.  This tools allows bedside labor nurses to automatically flow EFM data into annotations and the EHR without the need for time-consuming manual entry.

Allan demonstrates the PeriCALM Patterns Export feature

Allan Kyburz and Darcy Dinneny of PeriGen demonstrating the new PeriCALM Patterns Export feature

To highlight the feature, PeriGen sponsored a timed contest that awarded a Pebble Smart Watch to the attendee who could review and export data the fastest.  The Pebble Smart Watch, like PeriCALM, integrates with a variety of devices.

The winner was Kristin Salyards of Gibson Area Hospital & Health Services (Gibson City, IL).

Kristin Salyards won PeriGen's Export Contest at the Perinatal Leadership Forum

Kristin Salyards of Gibson Area Hospital in Gibson City, IL was the happy winner of PeriGen’s Export Contest. She won a Pebble Time Round Smart Watch.



03 Nov

How much time on charting

How much time could you save on charting if EFM data automatically went into an annotation and your EHR? How does it compare to how much time you could save if you could access your email, apps, and make calls from your watch.

Find out at the Synova Perinatal Leadership Forum, Booth 13 and, while you’re testing the new PeriCALM export feature, be sure to enter to win a free, modern, elegant Pebble Time Round  smart watch. It talks to your phone just like PeriCALM talks to your EHR.

20 Oct

Two cool systems that talk

Pebble Time Round Smart Watch talks to any type of phoneTwo cool systems that seem to talk to other systems, no matter the brand? The Pebble Time Round Smart Watch and PeriCALM Patterns.

That’s not all they have in common now. To prove that PeriCALM takes some of the hassle out of getting EFM data into your EHR, we’re giving away an elegant Pebble Time Round smart watch to the person at the Synova Perinatal Leadership Forum that can use our new Export Feature to update an annotation the fastest.

Up for it? See us at the Synova Perinatal Leadership Forum  Booth 13.