17 Mar

Patient deterioration #2 patient safety concern

ECRI Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations

ECRI Institute Releases Annual

Top Ten Patient Safety Concern List

Based both on analysis of 1.5 million event reports from the patient safety organization database and a review of those representing high priorities because they are new, changing or persistent, the ECRI Institute’s Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations has become a staple for teams looking to focus their patient safety improvement programs on the most pressing of problems.

Our interest in the following concerns should come as no surprise.  They are,after all, those that we can help hospitals with:

#2: Unrecognized Patient Deterioration

#3: Implementation and Use of Clinical Decision Support

#10: Inadequate Organization Systems or Processes to Improve Safety and Quality

The link between PeriGen’s software and helping labor & delivery clinicians recognize and respond to patient deterioration is a no-brainer.  It’s what our neural-network based clinical analytic tools that offer both pattern recognition and protocol compliance management are designed to do.  Our latest tool, HUB, is an early warning dashboard created specifically to highlight unrecognized patient deterioration, allowing clinicians to rapidly respond to maternity patients at risk.

What’s not so obvious is how PeriGen software helps with #3 and #10.

  • PeriGen’s cues and notifications are designed to make it as easy as possible to know when a patient needs attention.  The color-coding, combined with the option of sound, mean that the warning amplifies and focuses clinical attention on the areas of the strip and protocol parameters that are of the greatest concern at a moment in time.  Trend analysis, additionally, brings a bigger picture view of small, individual points of data showing clinicians what’s significant…and what’s not.
  • Today’s clinicians are awash in not only data and documentation, but in training programs.  These are essential of course to improving safety and quality, but the sheer volume of training information makes “safety net” technology like PeriGen’s software crucial for turning training into actual behavior.
  • Automating processes that have proven to improve patient safety and prevent negative outcomes is an important strategy for standardization of care.  Manual processes, especially when there are so many of them, are prone to breakage and change over time.  Automation, such as that offered by PeriGen’s CheckList tool, also has the added benefit of easing the weight of manual tasks bedside clinicians are faced with.

We encourage you to take a look at the ECRI Institute’s list of Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations.  The preview and Executive Brief are provided free once you register.


07 Mar

Change of instructor

Free Continuing Education

Register for the last few spots for

tomorrow’s free CE webinar

There are still a couple of spots open for tomorrow’s free online continuing education session covering uterine activity management.

Unfortunately, Rebecca Cypher, MSN, PNNP, PeriGen’s Chief Nursing Officer, originally scheduled to present tomorrow’s CE webinar, will not be able to make it.  Michelle Flowers R, an AWHONN-certified continuing education instructor, will be leading the session instead supported by Dr. Emily Hamilton, PeriGen’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research.  They will be covering the nomenclature and definitions related to uterine activity, the etiology of uterine tachysystole (UT) and UT’s impact on FHR.

Registration is required.  Click here

28 Feb

Recently Published

PeriNews, PeriGen's take on what matters in obstetricsPeriGen assists Medstar in improving key labor & delivery outcome indicators

Becker’s Hospital Review, a health system management publication, recently published the results of a study done by Sam Smith, MD and Lynette Philips RN of Medstar as well as a team of PeriGen clinical researchers that highlights the impact of process improvement on obstetric outcomes.

The study examined ten years of data on 78,459 births at Medstar, a health system serving Maryland. Data on cesarean rates, NICU transfers, and the use of fetal resuscitation was examined before and after the introduction of a large-scale process improvement program that included the introduction of PeriGen’s decision support software tools.

Medstar results show decline in NICU transfers, fetal resuscitationKey results included:

  • A 54% reduction in the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, assisted ventilation, or intubation.
  • NICU transfers which had risen steadily prior to the program declined by 52%.
  • Cesarean rates stabilized after the introduction of the software despite continuously rising rates of obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

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Samuel Smith MD, Lynette Philip RN, Adi Zmiri MD, Emily Hamilton MD, Thomas Garite MD. HIT and clinical synergy: A decade of decreasing NICU admissions & stabilizing cesarean rates, Becker’s Hospital Review, 2016 Dec 20.

24 Feb

The promise of spring

A new, more powerful

fetal surveillance system

Last year, when we announced that PeriGen and WatchChild had joined forces you may have noticed a promise. We indicated that we would be working to bring together the strengths inherent in each system to provide an even more powerful set of fetal surveillance solutions.

That promise wasn’t an empty one. This spring we will introduce you to an array of modules designed to incorporate the best of both PeriCALM and WatchChild. A system that incorporates your suggestions and ideas for solving your biggest clinical, integration, and technical challenges.

We can’t wait and we hope you’ll stay tuned for the big announcement this spring. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact your PeriGen Client Executive or visit the PeriGen website for ongoing updates.

24 Feb

Coming soon! PeriGen’s EFM Scholarship Program

PeriNews, PeriGen's take on what matters in obstetrics

One small contribution to

helping clinicians get better

and make more

PeriGen has announced the introduction of a continuing education program for labor & delivery clinicians that includes funding to cover the cost of taking the EFM credentialing exam through The Perinatal Quality Foundation (PQF).

Applications for the program will be available at the AWHONN National Conference in New Orleans and, after the event, on PeriGen’s website.

EFM credentialing is viewed by many labor & delivery professionals as one of the key components of effective obstetric patient safety programs. The PQF exam, developed by both physicians and nurses recognized as EFM experts, tests for knowledge and judgment. The exam is available online and preparation – one of the objectives of PeriGen’s free continuing education modules – is considered key to passing.

For more information on the PQF credentialing exam, click here to access an article in Contemporary OB/GYN or visit the Perinatal Quality Foundation’s website.

21 Feb

Congratulations Healthgrades Best Hospitals

Heatlhgrades Best Hospitals

Kudos to PeriGen clients who

made this year’s Healthgrades

Top Hospitals List!

Healthgrades, a top healthcare research company, today released its list of top hospitals for 2017.  The list is based on clinical quality data focused largely on the outcomes of the most common procedures and conditions using Medicare data.

The following PeriGen clients are included in this year’s Best Hospital List from Healthgrades:

  • Good Samaritan of Lafayette, CO
  • Lutheran Medical Center of Wheat Ridge, CO
  • Saint Joseph Hospital of Denver, CO (also made top 50 list)
  • Carle Foundation of Ubana, IL (also made top 50 list)
  • Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital of Lafayette, IN
  • Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital of Indianapolis, IN (included in top 50 list)
  • Indiana University Health University Hospital of Indianapolis, IN (included in top 50 list)
  • Mercy Hospital of Iowa City, IA (a top 50 hospital)
  • Medstar Franklin Square of Baltimore, MD (a top 50 hospital)
  • Baystate Health of Springfield, MA (a top 50 hospital)
  • Morristown Medical Center of Morristown, NJ (a top 50 hospital)
  • Overlook Hospital of Summit, NJ
  • Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital of Vancouver, WA

We’re so impressed with the hard work, dedication and focus that go into achieving the level of quality needed to be awarded a Top Hospital designation by Healthgrades!  Congratulations!

14 Feb

First CE Webinar Scheduled

Rebecca Cypher, PeriGen Chief Nursing OfficerPeriGen Now Offering Online Continuing Education

PeriGen has provided a date for the first in a series of free online continuing education webinars.  The series, featuring Chief Nursing Officer Rebecca Cypher, MSN, PNNP, will offer educational topics related to fetal monitoring, patient safety, and multidisciplinary care in the perinatal setting. Sessions are intended to assist clinicians in translating and incorporating evidence-based information into daily clinical activities.

The first webinar will cover uterine activity and is scheduled for March 8th, noon – 1:00 PM ET.  Titled “Power & Passenger: Understanding Uterine Activity,” this session is designed to examine nomenclature and definitions associated with uterine activity, etiologic principles of uterine tachysystole and tachysystole’s impact on fetal heart rate.

Registration is now open and, since the event is free and awards continuing education hours, is expected to fill fast